A dream fabric!
by Elisa Prete

We are in the middle of summer and with very high temperatures, often the houses warm up a lot and stay warm even at night, when the thermometer does not drop that much. 

The solution can be a good fan but we always struggle to figure out where to put it, if we turn it too much we do not get a bit of wind and if we turn it over there gets too much and then we aim at the air conditioner, but we wake up with the cold. 

The best choice is to sleep between linen or hemp sheets.

Lino and hemp consist of a hollow fiber that absorbs excess moisture and slowly releases it helping the body to stay dry especially on the hottest and wet days. 

The linen and hemp sheets give a pleasant feeling as of a light skin massage that creates comfort to the person. In addition, natural fiber sheets dry out in no time and do not absorb odors. They can be washed at high temperatures to be disinfected, always remembering that they are antibacterial and antifungal. 

For a summer in complete relaxation can not miss the linen or hemp sheets!!!

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