by Elisa Prete

Aria is an ancient word that derives from the Latin aera, we are not sure about its etymology but it is likely that it is associated with the root awer. In the Indo-European languages, the word air is related to wind, light and sky.

Can you imagine a life without air? No because it can't be there. It is the most precious asset we have. The very thought of its absence creates anxiety and worry, it agitates us. What is the air in your shop? Yes, right in the place where you spend the most time with your customers, your clerks but often also with your children or relatives.

There are many idioms that remind us of the importance of air: the air is blowing, it is not air, there is a beautiful air here. The air becomes heavy, unbreathable in some places and in others it is light and carefree and fills the lungs. Air is certainly made of oxygen atoms but it is enriched by the people around us or depleted by others.

Each of us with a smile, a compliment, an attention can give oxygen to those who enter your shop. I need air and I'm sure you need it too.


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