We always choose 100% natural yarns with zero environmental impact to realize products that last over time and that ensure unique luxury feeling. We think that Nature never goes out of fashion, so our slogan is: Natural is chic! 

Durability, protection from heat and cold, healthiness are ensured by using 100% natural yarns. We don't add chemical processes or synthetic materials in our clothes! Breathable and antibacterial, the fabrics in natural fibers are breathable and absorb moisture without bad smells.

​Most products can be made in different colors. The shades of color are inspired by the principle of naturalness that represents the cornerstone of our entire production.


Linen is fresh, light, relaxing and nice to touch. It is very resistant, especially if wet, and can be washed too many times without altering, furthermore every wash becomes softer. It is also used crumpled.

The cotton fabric is made of 95% cellulose, it is a hygroscopic, transpiring, tenacious and resistant fabric. It can be washed by hand or in the washing machine. In its moist state, its resistance increases with repeated washings, high temperatures and basic detergents. Drying in direct sunlight should be avoided because it will yellow and weaken the fiber. Before ironing, moisten the product.

The hemp fabric is robust, hygroscopic and thermostatic. It absorbs moisture and lets the skin breathe and at the same time is an excellent thermal insulator. The hemp fabric is antibacterial, does not absorb odors and dries quickly. It can be washed too many times without altering, becoming softer and brighter. Before ironing it should be moistened and used at high temperatures.

The silk is soft and pleasant to the touch, it is an excellent insulator maintaining the body temperature, it is antiallergic and therefore suitable for sensitive skin. It is fine in all seasons and is robust. It has a more elastic structure and little creases. Silk is particularly suitable for clothing in contact with the body. Machine-washable or by hand and can be easily ironed at medium-low temperature.

Cashmere is a very precious textile fiber formed with goat hair. The cashmere fabric is soft, silky and velvety to the touch and gives the wearer a warm and soft feeling. The weaving of cashmere with other fibers such as linen makes it more resistant and durable.


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